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Cara Instal CWM pada Xperia Tipo

  1. Download the attached zip file
  2. Unzip It
  3. Connect you phone in usb debugging mode to pc
  4. Windows users double click install.bat
  5. Linux users use terminal to run

Cara Install
  1. Download fiile zip
  2. Extract file zip yg sudah di download
  3. Konek HH dengan mode USB debugging ke PC
  4. Pengguna Windows double klick install.bat
  5. Pengguna Linux run

How to use
  1. Power off (for fw version less than 11.0.A.4.22 will need to connect charger. Others need not connect charger  )
  2. Power on. When you see the sony logo press vol - button repeatedly.
  3. Now you should be in cwm recovery

Cara Pake
  1. Matikan TIPO (untuk fw versi dibawah 11.0.A.4.22 connectkabel usb ke PC atau charger)
  2. Ketika nongol tulisan "SONY", teken teken tombol vol - berulang ulang
  3. Menu CWM sudah terbuka

Warning : I have'nt tested installing any rom using recovery since no custom rom is currently available for Xperia Tipo.

For ROM developers
  1. copy sh file inside files folder to system/xbin
  2. Copy other files inside files folder to system/bin
  3. Go to META-INF/com/google/android/ and you will find updater-script
  4. Add the following lines to it
    set_perm(0, 0, 0755, "/system/bin/recovery.tar") set_perm(0, 0, 0755, "/system/bin/battery_charging") set_perm(0, 0, 0755, "/system/bin/battery_charging_help") set_perm(0, 0, 0755, "/system/xbin/sh") Donot use custom kernel or ramdisk. You should not modify boot partition
  • Full credits to author of the Clockworkmod Recovery [koush]
  • Sony for providing kernel source code
  • Every one who helped me for developing the revovery
Known Issues
  • Usb Mount not working
  • [EDIT]Restore is not working properly. Gives error mounting /system
Verified Working with ST21i
  • Create backup
  • Install using zip file. (Tested by installing an application)
Change log
CWM v2
  • Fixed issue cannot mount /sdcard when trying to backup or update
CWM v3
  • Fixed offline charging bug
CWM v4
  • Fixed restore bug. Now you can restore
CWM v5
  • Fixed on latest firmware .22
CWM v6
  • Fixed on latest firmware .65 (Tipo Dual)

Link :
V4     :
V6     :
fw 22 :

perhatian: bagi yang cwm gagal diinstal keteranganya adb not organizer 
  • extrak dulu
  • buka folder file
  • adb(double click)
  • baru install cwmnya..

NB : 
-  Cara di atas sudah saya coba sendiri, dan berhasil tanpa kendala.
-  Ikuti semua langkah dengan benar, agar tidak menemui kegagalan
-  Segala Kerusakan Bukan Tanggung jawab saya.

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